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Website updated 7/26/2020 to remove links to Great Games Products' Introduction to Play Bridge computer programs.  When Introduction to Bridge was developed, Great Games Products was a reputable company.  At this point, they are not returning calls or emails concerning technical problems despite our many attempts to reach them on behalf of our students.  We have not received royalties for quite a while.  Unfortunately, we are the content authors and do not have the technical expertise to deal with problems with their software or installations and have no way to get our questions answered.  Anyone who thinks they have the technical expertise to make the product workable again should contact us.  Until this happens, even though the product was a good one, the technical issues cause us to recommend not buying the product if it is available anywhere.

Articles updated 6/23/18

Just Play Bridge - free bridge playing software on the ACBL website - go here.  Description on the Links for Students page.  Updated 6/11/16.


See desciptions on Recommended Reading page.

Five Steps to Simplify the Endplay by Audrey Grant (Intermediate) order here

Declarer Play at Bridge - A Quiz Book by Barbara Seagram (beginning-intermediate) order here

Defensive Play at Bridge - A Quiz Book by Barbara Seagram (beginning-intermediate) order here

Larry Teaches Doubles (Intermediate) by Larry Cohen order here

Larry Teaches Opening Leads (Intermediate) by Larry Cohen order here